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I've spent years studying YouTube so you don't have to...
Let me give you all the shortcuts you need for YouTube success!

🌟 1-to-1 YouTube coaching over Zoom.

 💸 By the end of the call, you will have a clear strategy to grow your YouTube channel, and increase your income. 

📈 We can discuss how YOU can beat the YouTube algorithm, make great content, build a loyal following & develop a long-term monetization plan. 

🤵 I will share all my top tips and recommendations, and we can review your videos & analytics together. 

✍ Feel free to prepare a list of questions in advance, so we can cover all the things that you want to know.  

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These calls will always be directly with John Frazer, the creator of MagnatesMedia. 

You are welcome to apply no matter whether you are experienced with YouTube already and simply want to get to the next level, or whether you are just starting out and need help developing a plan to get started. All levels of experience are welcome. 
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